Foot Care

We spend a lot of time on our feet and it is important to take good care of them. Poor choices of socks and footwear can lead to excessive sweating, creating the sort of hot and moist environment where odour causing fungus and bacteria thrive.

A common fungal infection is Tinea, also known as Athletes Foot. It can develop in any hot, sweat-prone areas, such as the groin and between the toes of the feet. Other bacteria that occurs naturally on our skin can multiply rapidly on hot and sweaty feet and it is this bacteria that causes the unpleasant odour rather than the sweat itself.

Keep your feet healthy and odour free using this range of quality natural products:

Tea Tree Oil, Spray and Solution

Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray is a natural anti-fungal which can help manage the symptoms of tinea (Athlete's Foot).  It's easy to use, and quick drying - unlike greasy creams. Just spray directly on clean, dry feet to help ease symptoms naturally, and repeat as required.  Use Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil to naturally deodorise shoes - especially gym and work shoes.  Just moisten a cotton ball in the Oil and leave in shoes, or alternatively freshen using Bosisto's Tea Tree Spray.   Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil is also perfect for preventing and treating infection in other foot-related minor wounds such as blisters, cuts and scrapes.

Smelly socks?  Bosisto's Tea Tree Solution is your friend.  Just pop a few capfuls into the wash to remove even the toughest odours, and naturally kill germs and bacteria.

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