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Frogs in a Pond

Jelly really is a win-win treat food.  Kids love it, and it's super easy to make. And if there's one jelly recipe that never goes out of style, it's frogs in a pond. This classic, 2-ingredient kid's party treat will keep all your little guests happy over the holidays, and looks deceptively tricky whilst actually being extremely easy.  Whip some up before the kids arrive and you'll quickly be the favourite aunty/friend/grandparent of all time.

You'll need:

2 x 65g packets of jelly (blue or lime green are perfect)
8 chocolate frogs
8 clear plastic cups


Make up jelly according to packet directions & put aside to cool slightly.  Pour COOL jelly mixture evenly into each cup.   Carefully put cups on a tray and chill for around an hour, or until jelly has started to set.  Insert a chocolate frog into each cup and chill until set.