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5 surprisingly germy places in your kid's room

Ideally a child’s bedroom is a healthy environment to sleep and play.  But a lot goes on in there, and so it can end up harbouring some nasty germs.

Fortunately we’ve got some natural tips on how to combat this with Euky Bear, best of all they take less than 30 seconds!

Surprised?  Yes the main use of Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Room Spray is to help relieve congested noses so children can sleep. But with essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary and oil of wintergreen, it’s also a powerful natural germ-killer.

Here are 5 places in the bedroom you can use it to keep bugs at bay.

1. Toys

Even if you have a toy room, toys will always naturally gravitate towards the bedroom.  Whether it’s dolls, a train set, a special comforter teddy or action figures, sticky fingers (and drool for littlies) can make them a breeding ground for bacteria.  And that’s not great, especially if toys are shared between siblings.   Give really dirty toys a proper clean with soap and water, but for maintenance in between (or for soft toys you can’t wash) a spray of Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Room Spray will help immensely.
How?  Hold can 15-20 cm from toy and spray.  Wait until dry to use.

2. Mattresses

Kids’ mattresses – they take a beating!  With toilet training accidents, upset tummies and all sorts of other night time mishaps they can end up grubby , smelly and germy.   Whenever the weather’s good, try to drag mattresses outside in the sun and spot clean any areas with a slightly damp cloth.  Let dry, then give it a good spray with Sniffly Nose Room Spray before remaking the bed.  Get into the habit of giving mattresses a quick spray each time you change sheets – the fresh smell is amazing, and eucalyptus is a dust-mite deterrent, too.
How?  Hold can 15-20cm from mattress and thoroughly coat in spray from top to bottom.  Wait 10 minutes until dry then make the bed.

3. Nappy bins

This is a very obvious one, but nappy bins and change tables are one of the biggest hotspots for germs in any nursery.  Give the area a thorough spray with Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Room Spray after each change – not only will it blitz germs, it’ll also take care of any nasty odours with the natural deodorising powers of eucalyptus.  The best part is, it doesn’t contain artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals so it won’t upset your baby’s delicate nose.
How?  Hold can 15-30 cm from bin or change table and spray.  Spray into the air to deodorise.

4. Door knobs

Grubby little hands = grubby door knobs.  Give these a quick spray whenever you do toys, mattresses or the change area.  Don’t forget those areas other parts of the door where toddlers often grab – Sniffly Nose Spray will actually help clean these grubby areas where there’s food stains and sticky residue, as the essential oils are a natural solvent.
How?  Spray lightly on door handles whenever needed.  For tougher grime and sticky stains spray directly on the stain, then rub with a slightly damp cloth.

5. Surfaces

And then there’s all the other bits! Bed heads, desks, book shelves, tables – Sniffly Nose Room Spray is great at cleaning and keeping all these hygienic. Plus, you’ll love the wonderful aroma in the room when it’s done. Who says you need to leave the eucalyptus spray for when they have colds?
How? Hold can 15-20cm from surfaces and spray until lightly coated.  Can also be used to clean hard sufaces, just spray and wipe with a soft dry cloth (or a damp one, for sticky areas).

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