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Posted on 04 Jun 2019

There's no-one so desperate as a mum whose little one is suffering a lingering cold.  Knowing there's a sleepless night ahead with an unhappy, unwell child is every parent's nightmare.  And with children catching an average of 6-12 viruses per year there's a lot of night-time sniffles going on in the average household.

Babies and toddlers, with their underdeveloped immune systems, are often the hardest hit and there are very few medication options available.

Fortunately natural therapies are very effective and can be a life saver when illness hits.

Here's our top 6.

Posted on 16 Aug 2017

From colds and flu to food fussiness, tooth cavities to sleep issues, it seems there's always a challenge around the corner when you're a parent.

Here at Euky Bear we've taken care of generations of kids for more than 40 years.   Here's a few of our cleverest health hacks to help keep your little ones happy & healthy. 

Posted on 08 Aug 2016

From adventure walks to footy in the park, there's plenty of family fun to be had in the great outdoors in winter.  Here are 3 very good reasons to ditch the Netflix, rug up and brave the cold!

1. It may help beat the sniffles.

According to medical experts, exercise has a profound and lasting positive effect on the immune system.

Posted on 01 Aug 2016

Trying to get some rest with a stuffy nose and a persistent cough is hard on grown-ups, let alone babies and children.  With a lack of medication options, it can leave you feeling helpless when baby has a cold and they’re unsettled during the night.